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2015 will be an important year as Montgomery County voters go to the polls to elect 3 new Judges to the Court of Common Pleas. The candidates selected by the people will form the future of our judiciary for the next 10 (possibly even 20) years.

In order to make an informed decision from a large field of candidates, it is extremely important that voters have as much information as possible about the candidates from whom they must choose.

I have decided to seek one of the judicial seats as I have the qualifications, experience and temperament that all together make for a great Judge.

In my role as Chair of my township Zoning Board, I have presided over hundreds of evidentiary hearings on important land use issues with a spirit of fairness and respect to all parties. As testament to my capabilities in this position, I have been re-appointed numerous times over the past 12 years with bi-partisan support from both Republicans and Democrats (most recently in December 2008 by a 6-1 vote from a Board that is comprised of 4 Democrats and 3 Republicans).

In 2009, I was appointed to the Advisory Board of the Office of Children and Youth by the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners, in a unanimous vote, yet another example of the respect that I have from both Republicans and Democrats.

I am passionate about Family Court; the division of our Court system most used by our citizens. When I was Chair of the Bar Association Family Law Section, I advocated for several new procedures which were adopted by the Family Court Division and now help to make our Family Court more "user friendly". Having practiced in 13 counties, observing many other Family Court systems, if elected I will work tirelessly to improve our system to make it more responsive and efficient.

I am running for this position because I can make a difference. I welcome the challenges this election will bring and hope I can count on your support.

Please see my platform for Family Court reform in the Website Section titled “Family Court Reform”.

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